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Sometimes spring patterns just come together

It's been a long spring, but we're really starting to see the action heat up on the warm days. Still missing the belly crawlers that the warm weather brings, but it's starting to come around. Lynnhaven and Rudee have both really set off, and the darker mud areas in Lynnhaven are pulling the redfish to them like moths to a lightbulb. Major catches have been showing up in both of these areas and the Elizabeth River.

The wind has led to dirtier water conditions on the Eastern Shore, but we'll hopefully be able to take advantage of the weather when Virginia gets their first king tides of the year next week. Unfortunately for those of us looking shallow, all of these spring kings will take place in the evening hours, and only the June and July tides should allow for any true flood conditions during daylight - and even those will be late evening on the days preceding the full moon. If you enjoy night fishing, though, there should be some very shallow night time opportunities near the full moon. Get those purple and black lures ready!

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