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Rain, rain, go or stay, the fishing is better every day.

We had some really hot, sunny, and calm days early on this past week... AND I WASN'T ON THE WATER FOR ANY OF THEM! So let's talk bait! The spot are available, which means the big boys that like to eat them are going to be more and more active. Caught all we wanted fishing with a little one this past week, with a surprise roundhead to boot inside of Lynnhaven. They were offered fish bites and bloodworms and went with the natural choice every time. Peelers are apparently the choice of the black drum wave that's recently hit the Eastern Shore, and will likely work on the sheepshead as their numbers continue to improve. That makes a lot of sense as the water temperatures are really getting the blue crabs active, and that means the spanish mackerel shouldn't be far behind. For the fly anglers, this is something to keep in mind when selecting colors and size of flies to throw. While there is confidence in the old chatreuse and white Clouser; the kwans, crack/cracklin/ritalin, and merkin patterns are likely to be the producers.

Still waiting for the puppy drum to pick up inside on the Eastern Shore, but they're on fire on the Southern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay. The mud bottom coves and creeks are still preferable to the sandier areas when they're up shallow. The rain has unfortunately stained the water badly, hurting sight fishing, and will likely stay near this range of turbidity throughout the summer. If that's your game (and why else would you be here?) keep an eye out for several dry, low-wind days in a row - particularly near the new or full moon for the best chance at seeing those reds as we get deeper into belly crawling season. The June "king" tides will be happening late in the evening, but we have dates available, and your best chance at seeing tails or fishing the grass should come late in the evening with slack high close to sunset on the 12th, 13th, and 14th. All of you folks working till 5 to rush out and fish through sunset - get out there! When it comes together like that, you have to take advantage of it!

Tight Lines!

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